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When you first hear The Valkarys perform any one of their tracks, be it live or in your earphones – you get it, almost instantly. They have that signature sound which comes from diligent years of biological evolution and an unwavering artistic vision – they never deviate from the desire to involve the listener in timeless authentic, independent music.
Over the years the line-up may have changed but the fundamental essence of the group remains unchanged and that is down to the tireless effort and passion of one soul.
I caught up with The Valks front man SWD from his hotel suite in Paris for a brief lowdown on the bands incoming new album (just like) flying with God.

“Hi Scott!”
“How are you?”

“I’m very well thanks, how are you?”

“I’m excellent, thanks.”

“How are you enjoying the new line up?”

“.I’m pretty happy with the new line up, we all seem to be on the same page and everyone is good at what they do so things are going well at the moment”

“And how is the new album coming along? When will we be able to hear it?”

“We have almost finished recording.
We should have everything down by 19th of this month (October 2014). It’s just a case of deciding if I want to make it a ten track, or a twelve track album.
I’ll send it to my friend in London to mix and master, we will send files back and forward until I’m happy with it then hopefully release it at the beginning of next year.”

Exciting times

“Your last album was met with critical acclaim and supported by some of the indie circuits most respected movers and shakers – is this album in a similar style to your debut or from an absolute different angle?”

“This album I think is more in the style of the first one. In between we have released two EP’s that are a bit more – out there. I suppose this record is more psych pop than straight out psych.”

“You’re in France as we speak – will there be an accompanying tour to the album next year at all? Do you have any confirmed dates or an idea of where are you hoping to take things?”

“Yeah I came over to Paris for a little break and to see some friends we are planning a UK tour to support the album and hopefully some shows in France and Italy. We also have a contact in Russia we are in talks with about playing there so fingers crossed.”
“And Leith. Obviously.”

“Can you give any unsigned indie bands starting out there any advice?”

“Definitely. I would say never listen to anyone except yourself. You know better than anyone what you want to do and what you want to sound like. Never sell out. Always wear cool clothes and smoke lots of cigarettes. Never give up and never ever, ever, stop believing in yourself. And don’t under any circumstance, play a Strat. Ever. That’s very important.”

“I’ve noticed your penchant for old silent movie animations on your promo videos on YouTube and remember some talk of an official video in the pipe-line, is that happening?”

“Yeah I love the idea of taking cool clips of movies and putting our music to it and seeing if that works. I would like to get into movie soundtracks in the future – I’ve been waiting on Tarantino calling me for about six years now.
We have made a video for our song “meraki” which will be on the album. The video is in the final edit stage now it’s worked out really well. We need to start playing that song live. I would love to make a documentary about the band, it’s just finding the right person to do it.”
“I may know a guy…”
“Thanks for your time, Scott – enjoy your break and I’ll catch up with you upon your return.”
“No worries, will do! Thanks, Andy.”

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