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The launch of Robb Murphy’s second album ‘Sleep Tonight’  is taking place on the 5th of March 2015, during the ‘11th United Airlines Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival’. We have updated the link to his website and added a couple of photographsWe would like to take this opportunity to wish Robb great success with this album and all future projects.

Sleep Tonight

It’s a crisp October morning and I am awaking to the sound of rain patting lightly on my window pane. This is a familiar start to an Edinburgh morning, one that musician Robb Murphy is all too familiar with. I first stumbled across Robb through a friend who had the privilege of seeing him play at one of Edinburgh’s timeless music venues “Whistle Binkies”, a firm favourite with both open mic crowds and established acts alike.


Photo by Hans Shoo Photography

Already familiar with Scotland, Robb spent a year in Edinburgh where many of his songs from his first album “Take a Stand” were written. The inspiration for many of the songs from his debut album were born in Edinburgh, being led by the history and myths of the capital city, its buildings, cobbled streets, its landscapes and of course its music scene. Although Robb had always been involved in music growing up it was in Edinburgh that he really immersed himself in music. He made great use of a dictaphone to record ideas as well as different sounds that he found interesting in Edinburgh’s bustling environment.

Taking a different musical direction on his second album, Robb has spent two summer’s in Italy, recording “Sleep Tonight”, the title of his new album. For one month he lived in a remote house and went back to basics with no WIFI or modern gadgets. He only had minimal equipment to record demos, all of which he features in his blog which you can find here Robb’s Blog.

After listening to demos and snippets of new material for his new album, alongside watching his live acoustic recordings on Youtube, it is evidently clear that Robb’s talent just keeps on growing. His new album “Sleep Tonight’ will be out in early 2015, in which you will be able to hear Robb’s new creative direction, his exciting exploration of new sounds, delivered in that wonderful poetic signature style that we have come to expect from Robb. Some personal favourites/highlights from the “Take a Stand” album include “What Do I Say” and “Love In Abundance”. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Robb’s music it is also well worth checking out “Never Letting You Go” and “On My Side” to get you started on this very talented Northern Irish singer. Robb has gained a strong international following this early on in his musical career and I can only see this increasing as his musical songbook expands.

Photo by Hans Shoo Photography

Photo by
Hans Shoo Photography

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