Cara Mitchell – The Caves – Edinburgh

Cara Mitchell, Josie Duncan and Lisa Mitchell at The Caves, Edinburgh, 10th June 2015 – Presented by Fake Frown Acoustic Sessions.

Photo by Cat

Photo by Cat

Having supported a wealth of respected artists including Emily Sande, Gemma Hayes and Fatherson to name just a few, a couple of excellent EP’s and a single released, Aberdonian singer-songwriter Cara Mitchell’s performance was one I was particularly interested in.

Rocking some fabulous long golden locks and taking to the stage with just her guitar, by simple candlelight this silhouette came to life. “Suspended Motion” seemed like we were happily being led by the ear and into ‘Cara’s World’. Throughout her setlist it felt very honest, and with pure emotion Cara aired her thoughts, feelings along with hopes all double stitched with yarns of feistiness. She sang lightly at times almost sounding Icelandic, while at other points there was a stronger essence of acoustic folk. “Sail Away” was pretty dramatic, creating the beat from guitar tapping and opening fully with powerful strumming. P.O.A. started fast and became speed singing while “Your Eyes” and the finishing track “The Devil, My Friend” left us on a high and hungry for more. When Cara chatted with the audience she was endearing and presented a warm and open appearance  of loving what she’s doing.

Songwriting and performing, recording and touring, Cara Mitchell is already a strong identity and her musical career excites me. I recon she will be one of our great Scottish women in music for years to come. Earth, environment, love and politics already feature throughout her lyrics and as this develops further she will be a force to be reckoned with. I would hope to see a headlining tour and a full album from Cara by 2016. From what Ive seen and heard she already has plenty of material.

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Have You Ever Wondered
Pick Up the Pace / Paint Them Red [Explicit]
Afraid of the Dark

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