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“Daydreamer” by Owen Denvir – Available: 2nd October 2015.

Owen Denvir - Daydreamer Cover

It was back in February when I first became aware of fresh faced Northern Irish singer-songwriter and musician Owen Denvir, supporting Jarrod Dickenson at popular live music venue ‘Sneaky Petes’, Edinburgh. As I heard his voice I whispered into Cats ear “just trust me on this one” and practically flung her through the crowds to snap a couple of photos. It was the combination of the emotion and depth in Owen Denvirs voice with a subtle confidence that first captured my attention.

Photo by Cat

Photo by Cat

Self-penned debut EP ‘Daydreamer’ by Owen Denvir consists of four beautifully crafted songs, wonderfully arranged and layered throughout with his very recognisable voice. The inclusion of Hannah McPhillimy on “Staring At The Sun” is pure genius, totally unexpected and I enjoyed the surprise. “Lonely” melodically remembers a soul-mate and prompts old friends to pop into my head, its a clever little number. Forth song “The Coast Of Spain” is one I’ve heard Owen perform live, the emotional good-bye is a strong and courageous one and its for the best.

Outstanding title track “Daydreamer” completely encapsulates Owen Denvirs brilliance, its funny, dreamy and completely self aware. Musically thrilling, full of wonderful buildups and smashes keeping it exciting and dramatic. Its the lyrics and Owens vocals in “Daydreamer” however that I find most compelling. Dispelling any myths regarding being that of a ‘Daydreamer’ being a waste of time, Owen Denvir astutely clarifies just how much devotion and uninterrupted focus it involves. This is an EP which I would highly recommend and I look forward to its release on the 2nd October 2015.

Available now from(Direct Links) –  iTunesBandcampAmazon, GooglePlay & Spotify.

Owen Denver will be returning to Edinburgh and playing The Corn Exchange- January 2016. For further information and tour dates, music, videos and social media links visit


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