Miss Irene Rose – EP – Demo




Miss Irenie Rose originally hailing from the Isle of Lewis, grew up surrounded by a wealth of live music. In 2010, inspired by an older sibling, she decided to start making her own music and began gigging. At this stage and something I find hilarious and equally resourceful, Miss Irenie Rose didn’t actually know any songs. She wasn’t going to allow a small detail like this be the fly in her ointment however. Without fear or hesitation, she began to write her own songs. Since then she has moved to Glasgow and played all over the country, supporting touring acts, playing festivals (including Edinburgh this year), Irenie has become a very welcome and regular personality and performer on live radio and television alike, including reaching the semi-finals of the BBC Radio 2 “Young Folk Musician of the Year Awards.”

It is only as recent as September, 2014 that I discovered Miss Irenie Rose, it was on a Sunday afternoon, I was on a total roll, my searches were hovering mainly around Glasgow musicians and the live music scene there. I found lots of great artists and songs that day, but my search was soon to be over. It was the delightful track “River” that first lured me into the wonderful musical world of Miss Irenie Rose. As I began to delve deeper, I found “My Mamma Says”, by this stage I wanted to hear more and to see who this incredibly interesting, unusual, un-boxable, untamed and non-generic voice was coming from.

I didn’t have long to wait,  thanks to the magic of the internet, I was able to view various performances and watch how Miss Irenie Rose performs. I was intrigued, and rightly so, there are many videos available to view online. I was blown away when I watched her using a “Loop Pedal”, this just blew everything else out of the water for me. Including beatboxing into her repertoire, Irenie creates an entire sound on her own, using her phenomenal rhythm and timing, lyrics perfectly matched and layered with the confident depth of her lower voice, right up to where she fully opens up and releases her powerful and bird like vocals. All this comes together producing something very special indeed.

I won’t be putting the music of Miss Irenie Rose into a Genre. I do accept that aspects of her music will fall into Folk, Blues, Gospel and so on, and her voice on occasion, in certain songs, may remind you of some other great female artists of yesteryear. But really with the range, talent and creativity Irenie possesses, teamed with a long future ahead of her, I will happily sit back and await the exciting contribution and wonderful music, I’m certain Miss Irenie Rose, will be making for many years to come.



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