Mylittlebrother – If We Never Came Down – Album Review

Photo by Dan Mason

Photo by Dan Mason

I told Nanno at BeardedRadio some weeks ago,  I’d been listening to “Mylittlebrother”, she correctly pointed out, that in over 20 years of knowing me, I’d never mentioned him before. I don’t have a younger brother, I do have “If We Never Came Down” the Début album by “Mylittlebrother” a tightly-knit group of friends from Cumbria, all sharing a love for music. Formed as recent as 2012,  Singer-songwriter and mighty fine musician Will Harris and the rest of the band Cath Davies, Bertie Fritsch, Dee Hanking, Sarah Joy, Martin Lee, Dan Mason, Amy Tweddle (With Jude Connelly and Simon Walker) have wasted no time earning their stripes, gigging regular and often, along with a hugely successful festival season, great reviews and an ever increasing presence on our airwaves.

I decided to put “If We Never Came Down” to the test, listening to this album daily for a month, sometimes whilst out walking, perhaps in the afternoon with a pot of Assam or occasionally in bed. I had no idea if these 12 songs would become tired and allow my tendency for distraction to take over.

Warm and welcoming “Lovers Of Life, Unite” opens the album up perfectly, “NoseDive” takes the vibe from a sway to more of a shuffle, enjoying a tense build-up and down dramatically with both the music and vocal. Completely inside the album now, lyrical masterpiece “Over The Hill”, a song with absolutely nowhere to hide, sang beautifully by Will. Swiftly picking things up again with “Gold”, “My Hypocritical Friend” leading to worthy album title track “If We Never Came Down”, before slipping into “Slow Dance” a well timed  and placed instrumental. “Profiteroles”,“Zeus” and “Sane Girls Are Boring”, a funny song, brings us to one of my favourites, “PaintWork” leading to the closing number “A Song About Amsterdam”, this album finishes how it started.

“Mylittlebrother” are now comfortably fixed into my music collection, I’m excited to see what the future holds for them. I thoroughly enjoy how elements of this album prompts me to reminise and tap into memories of decades past, equally its an authentic collection of songs produced in a very palatable and current style.


If We Never Came Down



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