Dearly Beloved – Scala – Kira

Dearly Beloved Live at the Scala, London 27th May 2015.


I couldn’t say no to a last-minute invite to a gig at the Scala, a venue I hadn’t yet ticked off my list. Dearly Beloved are a band I’d never usually go to see as my repertoire of indie/rock music is extremely small; it never usually interests me. However this Canadian four piece from Vancouver somehow managed to change all that. Due to my age, we were brought to the balcony – VIP area, yessss, which had a perfect view of the stage. I looked down to a sea of heads, the audience were for the most part made up of middle aged men with sun-roofs, all awaiting the main act, some 90’s band called Swervedriver (who were actually pretty bad) and I could spot someone at the front reading a book, something v rare lol! The vibe was buzzing and my excitement was building as a huge cloud of smoke came from the side of the stage, engulfing us all.

As soon as they started to play I was entranced and couldn’t keep my eyes off each band member. The amount of energy was immense, everyone on stage was totally going all-out. Watching them made me want to jump up and down as high as I could. The way they played their instruments was insane, I couldn’t help noticing that the lead singer played his bass similarly to a regular guitar, with the full chord rather than singular strings.

During the entire gig, Niva completely entertained the crowd between singing, with quirky props. She fired a luminous gun, erupting with bubbles which I especially loved, and played the theremin– an early electronic musical instrument controlled without physical contact. As she waved her arms and spun her hands, there was something quite witchy about it, dark, unique, unstoppable.

It was brilliant when Niva and the main singer jumped from the stage to the moshpit and performed an entire track from there. They were so close, the Scala suddenly seemed small and it made the experience so much more exciting.

Their album, Enduro, is out now available in all the usual places. I never thought I would ever be an Indie Rock Chick but if there’s a song that could persuade me, it would be Olympics of No Regard. On the way home the line “Reap what you sow” from it was stuck in my head on repeat, and I’ve been listening to that track ever since.

The best part was that I went home with a souvenir. The Luminous Bubble Gun.



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