Bright Light Bright Light and Slow Knights – singles


Everything I Ever Wanted (World Aids Day Special Version)


2014 has been a very busy year for Bright Light Bright Light. Not only has he released one of the best albums of 2014 with the outstanding Life Is Easy, he has toured the world as supporting act for the legendary Elton John. He has further collaborated on the gorgeous single “Bruise Easy” by the divine Bridget Barken and has released storming DJ mixes on SoundCloud. He has then finished off this very productive 2014, giving us not one but two beautiful singles to round the year off.

“Everything I Ever Wanted”  was released for World Aids Day 2014, featuring The Pink Singers Choir with the proceeds of the single going to the Elton John Aids Foundation. To be honest, the new version of the song almost brought me to tears listening to it for the first time. Between the moving vocals of Rod Thomas and the soaring harmonies of The Pink Singers, this single takes the listener on an uplifting, emotional and spiritual journey.

The other new single comes from Scissor Sister’s, Del Marquis’ band ‘Slow Knights’ called “Without you”. Following on from their highly impressive début album “Cosmos” released back in 2013, is this fantastic new single. This is a duet with Bridget Barken and Rod Thomas with each vocalist complimenting each other in this emotive and sweeping ballad.

These two singles are further evidence as to why I believe Bright Light Bright Light is one of the most criminally underrated vocalists of his generation. I dearly hope this situation changes drastically in 2015. I am confident that he will finally get the exposure and recognition that he greatly deserves.


Make Me Believe in Hope (The New Batch)

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