Etienne de Crécy – Super Discount 3

Etienne de Crécy is a French Producer/DJ who has just released his new album “Super Discount 3”. This album features collaborations with Pos and Dave from De La Soul, American vocalist Kilo Kish, fellow French DJ Alex Gopher and Cults vocalist Madeline Follin.

One of the pioneers of French house music, Etienne de Crécy has continued to sporadically release albums during the last two decades. His first album called “Super Discount” was released in 1996 and followed by “Tempovision” in 2000. Four years later saw the release of his third album called “Super Discount 2” and finally after an eleven year wait, his fourth album surprisingly called “Super Discount 3” has finally been released this January.

Was “Super Discount 3” worth the wait? I’m pleased to report the answer is a resounding yes. This album maintains the highest standard of quality and continuity from start to finish, with not one bad track on the whole disc.

Many dance or club albums that tend to focus on collaborations can lose character and become unfocussed and indistinct but “Super Discount 3” is the very opposite. Etienne de Crécy has avoided the production line mentality that has cursed many recent Electronic Dance Music albums. Instead he presents the listener with an album of collaborations that bring out the best in each other. “WTF” is the prefect example of this where French Electronic blends seamlessly with the warm charismatic Rap of Pos and Dave from the legendary De La Soul.

There are so many highlight on this album but one of the outstanding moments is “Follow” featuring Kilo Kish. This finds Etienne de Crécy channelling Nile Rodgers against a gorgeous backdrop of synthesizers which builds into a discotastic delight.

This album reminds the listener of the classic French House sounds of the late 90’s but it’s most certainly not an exercise in nostalgia. Etienne de Crécy remains true to his roots in house music but with “Super Discount 3”, he is still capable of creating some of the most exciting, vibrant and memorable electronic music of recent years. Stream or buy it but don’t miss it.


Super Discount
Super Discount 2

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