Parralox – Holiday ’14 – EP


Parralox are one of Australia’s best kept secrets, formed in 2008 by the multi-talented John von Ahlen. Since then Parralox have released numerous singles and 5 outstanding albums, including one of my all time favourites, “State of Decay” in 2009.

Parralox are a band steeped in the heritage of electronic music and you hear the loving homage to their musical influences such as  Depeche Mode, Erasure, Kraftwerk and The Human League in both their singles and albums. However do not think that Parralox are merely another band repacking and recycling great moments in musical history. John von Ahlen is a pop alchemist with ability to write, produce and perform a wide range of masterpieces from euphoric pop gems to dark atmospheric soundscapes.

This year has seen Parralox remixing Erasure’s single “Reason” as well as supporting the pop legends on their London date of their “Violet Flame” tour. Parralox have also released their own outstanding pop classic “Crying on the Dancefloor”,  which should have been a global smash if there was any justice in the world.

Finally rounding off this year, Parralox have gifted us in the festive season with “Holiday ’14” . This 6 track EP includes their very quirky version of “Little Drummer Boy”, covers of songs from The Human League’s album “Reproduction”, and a gorgeous new original track called “Shadow”. This has been a very unexpected and pleasant surprise where John von Ahlen pays homage to one of his influences with the usual loving care and integrity which have made Parralox such a treasure since 2008. However it does leave me impatient for a new studio album of original Parralox material, which will hopefully appear soon.


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