The Pierces on Tour

Two sisters, Allison Margaret and Catherine Eleanor Pierce originating from Birmingham, Alabama formed the band “The Pierces” in 2000. Since then, they have released 5 albums. Though success has eluded them worldwide, they seem to be making healthy inroads into the British market with both their last 2 albums debuting in the top ten and “You & I” been certified gold by the BPI
I caught them on the opening night of their latest tour to promote their excellent new album “Creation” in a respectably full Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh.  I think it’s fair to say that the band were suffering first night nerves which was obvious at the start of performance with a couple of false starts and nervous banter with the audience.  However, when they started play, the band were nothing short of mesmerizing, preforming a set of songs that many bands would sell their soul to the devil to be able to write and preform.  As the night progressed, the whole band’s confidence swelled and by the end, they were outstanding, feeding off the ecstatic response from the audience that feed off every warm and sun soaked note.
The set list mainly consisted of songs from “Creation” with a few old favourites thrown in.  This included a beautiful version of “It Will Not Be Forgotten” and a storming “Glorious” which sent the crowd singing happily  into the night.  The new songs faired equally well in the live set though a minor grumble is murky sound during “Kings” which is my personal favourite of the new album.
I’m eagerly looking forward to further releases and tours from this band because they excel in writing and performing beautifully well-crafted songs which seems to be an art that is sadly lacking in mainstream music right now.  If you get a chance, catch them live because the world will seem a much happier place by the end of the night.

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