First Aid Kit – Mandela Hall, Belfast

Johanna and Klara Söderberg on stage at the Mandela Hall, Belfast, 17th September 2014

Johanna and Klara Söderberg on stage at the Mandela Hall, Belfast, 17th September 2014

On 17th September, the Swedish duo Johanna and Klara Söderberg, aged only 24 and 21 walked on stage looking like 2014’s answer to modern day Abba. Johanna with her long legs draped in metallic gold flares and long blond hair and Klara with her long brunette hair and retro fringe. Accompanied on stage by their drummer and guitarist also playing the ukulele, electric guitar and slide guitar. Klara played her semiacoustic throughout and Johanna her keyboard, which also looked like something straight from 1976.

They displayed nothing but professionalism on stage, like they had been there for years. They began to sing and the quality of their vocal chords wooed the crowd from the outset. The harmonies they produce are nothing short of perfection. At one point during the performance they asked the audience to be quiet, as they wanted to sing a song together with zero amplification. This, I thought, was a very brave act bearing in mind there were up to 1000 people in the audience. They both moved forward and began to sing Ghost Town from their album The Big Black and the Blue. The Mandela Hall was captivated and there were no shushes throughout the song only people joining them in the sweet melody.

Not only do they tap in to your soulful, melancholic side but also have the ability to get you rocking out with their head-banging chorus such that comes from the song The Lions Roar.

I believe there is much more to come from this band – this is only the beginning. They currently have 3 albums, The Big Black and the Blue, The Lions Roar and their latest Stay Gold, now available for purchase.

Watch out World The Lion is Roaring.

Stay Gold
The Lion's Roar

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