Tony Villiers and The Villains – Songs of love and Fate

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Tony Villiers is one of my favourites from the local music scene. From Armagh in little old Northern Ireland  which is home to some of the best singer song writers past and present and Tony proves that there is still more to come. Songs of Love and Fate is his second album and it certainly packs one heck of a punch.

This album will put a smile on your face and transport you to the wilds of the Americas southern states. Tony’s influences of Bob Dylan and Jonny Cash both shine through. This by no way means Tony hasn’t got his own unique identity. He certainly has and I know we will see a lot more from him in the future.

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea is fantastic. You don’t just listen to Tony’s songs and hum along, instead you strain your neck trying to catch his every word as not to miss the story being told.

Rabid dog blues. I heard this song a few months past and it entertained me then as much as it still does now. “Rabid Dog hangin round my door. Well my mama went out and shot that dog, Rabid dog no more.

Rock Salt and Dear Mama are two heartbreakers however these are not songs to lie down and cry to, instead you want to to get up and dance.

Big Old Dancin Bear Blues. This track has that Johnny Cash influence and whisks you off to some dusty bar in Tennessee with cowboys spillin whisky and missing the odd punch as they crash down to the floor.

Lucky Rabbit Foot has Tony’s love of the blues throughout and Ramblin Man brings with it his trusty Hamonica. I’m a sucker for the Harmonic.

Now I thought this album was great when I first heard it but now it’s in the car, on the lap top, PC and on the Ipod for when out running along the shore. I can’t recommend it enough, it’s absolutely awesome. Don’t miss out on this one!

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